Region 18

Theresa Madson
NDCO Region 18
Brisbane, Ipswich, Redcliffe

Region 18 covers the Queensland capital of Brisbane, traditional land of the Turrbal and Jagera People. The South East Qld Region, centered on Brisbane area, has a population of 3 500 000, is densely populated with many services supporting access.
Redcliffe and Deception Bay form the norther borders of Region 18 and are home to a large indigenous population.

Ipswich City currently has a population of 200,000 but as one of the fastest growing areas in the region, this is expected to top 435,000 by the year 2031. This provides many opportunities, but also presents many challenges in relation to speed of population growth versus service and infrastructure.

The Region also covers the Lockyer Valley (colloquially known as “Australia’s Salad Bowl” due to the crops grown here), parts of Somerset and Scenic Rim. These rural areas have limited industry and significant transport issues.
A number of resettlement services are located strategically to assist specific areas who are supporting growing multicultural communities.
The region is serviced by a number of excellent VET providers and Universities, providing many different options for further education.
Queensland service providers (on the whole) do work well together though to help meet needs in less accessible areas. TAFE Qld is the host provider for Region 18, with an established reputation as a key education and training provider.



Contact Person
Lockyer Valley BEST Jacki Ganzer
Bringing Employers and Schools Together
Brisbane Valley Interagency Lyn Buchanan
General Interagency for Brisbane Valley and Somerset areas
Ipswich Disability Interagency Network Karri Surtees
Ipswich area disability interagency network
SWITCH On DES Provider Meetings Theresa Madson
Ipswich and Goodna area DES Provider meetings
Ipswich and West Moreton Youth Interagency Amanda Margerison
Ipswich, Goodna and Moreton area youth service provider network
West Moreton Mental health Collaborative WE_mhss_sdp(at) West Moreton (inc Ipswich) area mental health network
Ipswich Inala Multicultural Network Dave.gall(at)
Ipswich Support Coordinators Meeting Meganw(at)
South West Brisbane Disability Network Tba
Brisbane South Youth Interagency Kelly.rivas(at)
Central Interagency Tabatha.pashen(at)
Eastside Interagency Network Gabrielle.huggett(at)
Southside Mental Health Network
Brisbane Inner Urban Youth Interagency Visibleinkvalley(at)
Brisbane North Youth Interagency Lucy.heywood(at)
Brisbane North Disability Network Theresa.madson(at)
Somerset Lockyer NDIS Network Community(at)
Dept of Human Services Multicultural Forum Victoria.dias(at)

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