About Us

The NDCOs are funded by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training to work strategically to improve the transition of people living with disability in tertiary education and subsequent employment. While the NDCO’s do not provide direct service to individuals and families, they work strategically with organisations that provide support to people with disability in the areas of education, training and/or employment.

There is a national Network of 31 NDCOs who are hosted by various organisations. Each NDCO works in a specific geographic area (referred to as a region).

Host providers such as Universities, TAFEs, Apprenticeship and Community Service organisations support their NDCO to achieve key objectives. This is accomplished by working with all stakeholders on activities that build aspirations, knowledge and capacity of and for people with disability.

Key objectives are:

  • Improved linkages between schools, tertiary education providers, employment service providers and providers of disability programs and assistance at all government levels
  • Improved transitions for people with disabilities between school/community and tertiary education, and then to employment
  • Improved participation by people living with disability in tertiary education and subsequent employment

Each NDCO works on a range of different projects to meet local needs while contributing to improving inclusion at a state and national level.

Your local NDCO welcomes communication from anyone with an interest in improving education and employment transitions for people with disability.

To see ideas on what the program can achieve or make a connection, check out each regions page!

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